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ABOUT ME ... WepiGirl

Hi Future Math Eagle ...

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My name is Valerie J. Elly ...

I am the founder of some cool web services designed to help make our world a better place for us all.

My main vision in life is to build the best online system to help to empower a BILLION kids around the world over the next few decades.

My Internet nickname is WepiGirl coz I am the bold founder of WEPINET.COM ... hey that makes sense ... doesn't it!

I started this bold CTN Vision which evolved into WEPINET.COM in the early 1980's, yes many years before the Internet arrived. That's how forward thinking I am, so I keep telling myself each day.

WepiGirl Lifting Over 800Kg @ The Gym!


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I am also dedicated to empowering women, men and their families along with their societies around the world.

My bold CTN Vision -

Empowering Every Child, In
Every Town, in
Every Nation ...

Child - Town - Nation!

Here is a small list of my special web services to help to make our world a better place for us all -

WEPINET.COM - To empower a BILLION Kids around the world
WepiGirl.Com - To help to empower Women around the world
ProjectPlanetPeace - To help to promote World Peace.
ProjectPlanetSave - To help save Planet Earth.

LoveTreeGame.Com - To help teach my Love Tree Game.
GiftThreeForward.Com - To Help Share Local Love
DoomsDayPoem.Com - To end military conflicts.
FiveWealths.Com - To teach the First Wealth ... Good Health.
TheZUP.Com - To help to empower the Unemployed of the world, which in turn empowers kids, families and their societies, which empowers their state and nation ...

When I started my bold CTN Vision in the early 1980's, the Internet was just a distant pipedream, but I decided that I wanted to do something special with my insignificant life, instead of just eating, pooping and dying.

So I chose to build WEPINET.Com and empower a BILLION kids around the world. I didn't know how I was going to deliver my Kool Tools to every child in every town in every nation kids of the world.

It was a daunting and scary task, just consider having to send out a billion letters every month to a billion kids around the world?

That would have cost me a staggering billion plus dollars every month.

Whatever It Takes!

But I persisted, doing every job and career people were silly enough to hire me for ...

I did things like selling encyclopedias, home cladding, home security, insurance, wine subscriptions, printing, waitressing, magazine advertising, pharmacy assistant, importing water-saving shower heads from the USA, just to name a few.

I was a hard worker and earned a lot of awards in many of the jobs I did. It was depressing work for a young unskilled woman with a minimum education and no money ...

But I never gave up on my CTN Vision!

So now I need all you moms and dads to help me out ...

By committing to empower your kids and to lovingly nurture them into powerful super resourceful Math Eagles so that they can go out into the world and make a big difference enjoying long joyous successful lives.

This special website is my gift to you!

This web service is an innovative fund raising division to help to fund my work to make the world a better place for us all.

Valerie J. Elly



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