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Neglect of mathematics works injury to all knowledge, since he who is ignorant of it cannot know the other sciences or the things of the world - Roger Bacon


Welcome to the first edition of our Math101 Weekly Newsletter.

Please feel good about your future because by wisely choosing to secure this valuable asset, our Math101 Weekly Newsletter, you have wisely secured some very powerful success technologies that will help you to build the most powerful success platform for yourself.

And on this powerful success platform, you will be able to better secure your precious goals and dreams.

We hope to share a lot of great stuff with you in our quest to help you to master math and hopefully position you to better secure a long, rewarding, successful and more joyous life as well.

Before we continue, we would like you to decide for yourself today if success is genuinely what you want for your life. If a successful life is what you want, then you must be fully committed to invest in your own self-development.

That means you have to commit to investing your time, energy and money into yourself to acquire the discipline and skills that you will need to attract the life and success that you want for yourself.

Please do understand that we could easily charge you a huge monthly fee to access this amazing and very valuable program, but we want you to take those huge savings and invest it into your own growth and development ... that's all we ask from you.

Now the first investment we want you to make into yourself today is to click this link and start studying the information you will discover, and apply it to your life every day from this day forward. It is the most powerful success math and life platform that you can ever secure for yourself today.

You must fully understand that for you to be able to secure all that you want in life, you have to do whatever it takes every day for you to attract those things that you want in life. And the Math Magnet Kool Tool will help you to better understand this fact of life.

It is the most valuable lesson that you must acquire NOW, so that you can start today on making yourself super attractive to all those things that you want. And we are not talking about what you look like outside, even though that is critically important as well, we are talking about the attractive powers of your inner-self, of which mastering math is a critical element.

Just click the link below and follow each critical simple step in your own time at your own pace ... DO IT NOW -

As you well know success in life is all about POSITIONING - so our goal is to help you to secure the very best platform that will POSITION you for great success for now and for the rest of your life.

But, we can only help you if you wisely choose to help yourself from this day forward.

You must understand that math is your golden key to unlock all your goals and dreams.

Math gives your life greater clarity of comprehension ... that means that only math can give you magical powers to better understand life and therefore ask better more valuable questions and solve more valuable problems and constraints, which makes you a more valuable person who is able to command more and achieve much more from life.

Do make sure that you invest in this great math program today to enable you to take your math skills to greater heights. It is a great platform to easily secure today to massively help you in your quest to master math. Do understand that some math programs cost many thousands of dollars, but you can secure this amazing program for mere pennies, and you have 60 Days to test drive it without any stress to decide if it is a valuable asset for you.

Every day that you delay securing this amazing math edge is costing you in lost benefits, so click the link below and secure your valuable copy now - DO IT NOW -

Here is a special gift that will allow you to frame the way you invest the rest of your life. You must emulate those who have successfully built a global fortune by embracing this simple Law Of Success ... Icons like Bill Gates, Michael Dell, Mark Zuckerberg and the Google Boys have become super wealthy because they have used the power of math to build valuable systems that help millions of people around the world to better achieve their goals and dreams.

And so must you apply this powerful Law Of Success. Please click the link below to download your own copy of this amazing law. Understanding this magical law is the most powerful success platform that you can possibly have. And you will also see how your math skills can play a very significant and valuable part in your future success as you discover cool ways to serve the world. So download it now ... DO IT NOW -

Okay, that’s about it for your first newsletter, hope you find some of the stuff helpful. Just take what you feel good about and run with it.



SUPERIOR BALANCE is the cornerstone of a most glorious life for YOU: It is super simple to do this every day if you want to secure this most precious success platform of superior BALANCE for yourself. Our  primary goal is to make sure that every child on Spaceship Earth has embraced their Five Wealths success HABIT so that they can live better more effective lives. We will send this most precious little tool to you every week to remind you to focus on your Five Wealths each and every day -

YOUR FIRST WEALTH – HEALTH: Enjoy 5 or 6 small healthy meals a day and try to eat early before bed so you give your body time to rest during sleep. Have 8 hours of sleep each day. Enjoy plenty of filtered water. Make moderation in all things your goal in life. Avoid the junk foods, soft-drinks and do a little fun activity with your family and friends. Forget about the computer games some times. Remember – BALANCE – BALANCE – BALANCE!

YOUR SECOND WEALTH – FUN: Do some fun stuff with your family and friends, watch a documentary, play soccer in the park, read a book, learn to stop and have fun, yes, take a break from math and take time to smell the roses as the old saying goes. Having fun is a most important habit, because that is what life is all about. Remember – BALANCE – BALANCE – BALANCE!

YOUR THIRD WEALTH – LOVE: Spend some quality time with your precious family and friends, think about them, thank them, help them, hug them, love and care for them, just be there for them. Remember – BALANCE – BALANCE – BALANCE!

YOUR FOURTH WEALTH – GIVING: Donate your time, energy, good will, good thoughts and money to your society, plant a tree, clean your neighborhood, help clean off bad graffiti, donate your old quality clothes and goods to charity, go to Paypal and donate a few dollars each month to help keep Wikipedia advertisement free and financially secure for all of us, you get the drift. Just use your imagination and just develop a great joy and passion for helping others. You must COMMIT to mastering the magical Love Tree Game. Remember that what you give in your life is your Love Legacy for when you finally leave Spaceship Earth. Remember – BALANCE – BALANCE – BALANCE!

YOUR FIFTH WEALTH – CAREER: Work on your hobby, get a part time job, embrace our powerful DSP and Math Millionaire Kool Tools and develop your priceless discipline habits by making sure that you excel with your studies at school and after school. Learn to kiss the frog’s smelly butt each day and love to do the important things that others don’t like doing, it is your secret key to gain the super powers of a successful person ... of doing what has to be done for you to achieve your glorious dream life. Master the most precious art of investing or banking your precious HIGH VALUE activities into your HIGH VALUE Bank Account each day without fail. Arm yourself with the Math Super Learning Kool Tool to easily UNLOCK your magical limitless mind so that you can learn super fast and solve constraints and problems super fast.. Then look around your home and community and develop your critical awareness and powers of quickly indentifying valuable constraints and problems, and solve them and eliminate them forever. And do the math and math will tell you if the problems or constraints are worth your valuable time, effort and investment to solve them. The math numbers never lie. Sell your solutions to the world to fund your dream life. Remember – BALANCE – BALANCE – BALANCE!


Again, if you have not secured your copy of this empowering math program to gain the math edge, it is costing you a great deal in lost benefits, so do yourself the greatest favor possible and click the link below and secure your very own valuable copy today, and remember that you have everything to gain and best of all you have a full 60 days to take your time and give it a good test drive. It is the greatest math investment that you will ever make, and it is only a few pennies when you compare it to other math programs that cost many thousands of dollars. So click the link below and order your copy now  - DO IT NOW -


AN AMAZING BUNDLE DEAL FOR YOU - Again, it is so critical that you invest in this great math resource for yourself as soon as possible, because it will give you a great platform on which you can better master your math. To secure the most powerful benefits it is most critical that you invest in both books because they complement each other in a most powerful way. It is about being effective not efficient. So if you want to secure the most effective math path for yourself, you know what you must do and invest in this valuable math asset now - DO IT NOW -


Here is your cool MATH song of the week, hope you like it –

**FIRSTNAME**, do have a great week and keep working each day on becoming the most attractive Math Magnet that you can be.


You are the department of youth, and you got the power – Alice Cooper

May The WepiForce Be With YOU Always!

And The HelpMeWithMaths.Com Team





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