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Mathematics knows no races or geographic boundaries; for mathematics, the cultural world is one country – David Hilbert


Welcome to another empowering edition of your Math101 Weekly Newsletter. We hope that you had a good week of math growth.

But more importantly, we hope that you are well on your way to securing your Five Wealths and a super balanced life. The great thing is that you now have a real choice whether you choose a wonderful new more effective path based on your Five Wealths Parallel Success Platform, or you continue along the same old dangerous unbalanced path for your life … it is your call.

And we hope that the 10 Tips to master math we sent you gave you some valuable options for your math mastery quest.

This week we are going to focus on something very special that is specifically designed to guarantee that you will become a super high achiever able to achieve all that you desire for your life.

We are going to talk a little about COMPOUND INTEREST and why you must harness its magical wealth creating powers to build a glorious limitless life for yourself.

Here is an old riddle used to demonstrate the magical explosive wealth creating power of compound interest –

RIDDLE: How many months will it take you to reach the $1 million dollar mark if you started with just one dollar [$1.00] and doubled it every month?

1 - 2 - 4 - 8 - 16 - 32 - 62 - 124 - 248 - 496 - 992 - 1984 - 3968 - 7936 - 15872 - 31744 - 63488 - 126976 - 253952 - 507904 - 1015808 or over $1 MILLION Dollars.

ANSWER: 21 months to get to the million dollar month target.

Now can you see the wealth exploding powers of compound interest.

You can do this using good old money, but today we are going to discover a new currency that has more wealth creating powers then money. And you will see why mastering math is a critical part of this magical new wealth currency.

The new currency is HIGH VALUE ACTIVITIES.

Yes, you heard right, HIGH VALUE ACTIVITIES!

If you study all the super wealthy super successful high achievers, you will see that what separates these billionaires from the ordinary folk is their unrelenting habit and commitment to making their daily investment of high value activities into their HIGH VALUE BANK ACCOUNT.

Yes, we all have a high value bank account, just like we all have exactly 24 hours each day to invest in building a wonderful glorious life for ourselves, but very few of us do.

The difference is not being born with a silver spoon in your mouth. The difference is high value activities.

Now if you comprehend the power of high value activities, and embrace it each day of your life, you will surely succeed in achieving all that you desire in your life. Yes, you will become unstoppable in your quest to achieve your dreams.

How did the 25 year old Facebook founder explode his wealth from nothing to over $9 billion by 2012, and that doesn’t include the $8 billion he lost after Facebook’s IPO [took the company public on the stock market] made a huge correction?

Yes, Mark Zuckerberg started his own high value bank account and gave it a cool name called Facebook. And he started frantically banking his high value activities into his high value bank account each day.

Bill Gates did exactly this when he was just a kid like you. He would focus all his resources and his math powers on solving constraints that prevented him from writing quality software programs. Bill later called his high value bank account Microsoft.

Larry Page and Sergey Brin called their high value bank account Google.

Can you now see why your quest to master math is so important for your enduring success and the acquisition of your glorious new destiny.

Why not start today by identifying a great little goal that you want to achieve and call it a cool name, and this can be your first high value bank account.

Now make a list of all the high value activities that you must bank into you high value bank account each day to achieve your goal. There is no need to get too deep with this, just make a list and start today investing super-charged high value action into your high value activities that you can bank into your high value bank account.

Once you achieve your first high value bank account, which can take a few days or weeks, you can start a bigger one, and continue until you become a very successful young high achiever.

You see, once you master the skill of banking high value activities each day into your high value bank account, you will start to see valuable opportunities everywhere you look. The Internet is only just starting, so the Internet sky is limitless. You can do this in the offline world too, there are no limits for you.

Now can you see the power of compound interest. The more high value activities that you wisely bank into your high value bank account, the more your high value bank account will explode in value. So the sooner you start building your high value bank accounts the greater rewards you will enjoy.

That’s all for this week, hope you get something out of the above. We will send you a special tool in the near future that will help you to more effectively explode your high value bank accounts, so look out for it.

If you haven’t made the investments in the following assets below, do so as soon as possible. You have to become passionate about investing in yourself each day. The more you wisely invest in your education and growth, the more rewarding your life become.

Make it a priceless habit to passionately invest in yourself each day.

ALWAYS REMEMBER: To become a successful person you have to become a world class thinker and doer by breaking away from the middle-class thinkers and doers.

As the super successful know, you can’t become a millionaire or billionaire by having a $10 an hour mentality. We become what we think about, no more or no less should we expect.



SUPERIOR BALANCE is the cornerstone of a most glorious life for YOU: It is super simple to do this every day if you want to secure this most precious success platform of superior BALANCE for yourself. Our  primary goal is to make sure that every child on Spaceship Earth has embraced their Five Wealths success HABIT so that they can live better more effective lives. We will send this most precious little tool to you every week to remind you to focus on your Five Wealths each and every day -

YOUR FIRST WEALTH – HEALTH: Enjoy 5 or 6 small healthy meals a day and try to eat early before bed so you give your body time to rest during sleep. Have 8 hours of sleep each day. Enjoy plenty of filtered water. Make moderation in all things your goal in life. Avoid the junk foods, soft-drinks and do a little fun activity with your family and friends. Forget about the computer games some times. Remember – BALANCE – BALANCE – BALANCE!

YOUR SECOND WEALTH – FUN: Do some fun stuff with your family and friends, watch a documentary, play soccer in the park, read a book, learn to stop and have fun, yes, take a break from math and take time to smell the roses as the old saying goes. Having fun is a most important habit, because that is what life is all about. Remember – BALANCE – BALANCE – BALANCE!

YOUR THIRD WEALTH – LOVE: Spend some quality time with your precious family and friends, think about them, thank them, help them, hug them, love and care for them, just be there for them. Remember – BALANCE – BALANCE – BALANCE!

YOUR FOURTH WEALTH – GIVING: Donate your time, energy, good will, good thoughts and money to your society, plant a tree, clean your neighborhood, help clean off bad graffiti, donate your old quality clothes and goods to charity, go to Paypal and donate a few dollars each month to help keep Wikipedia advertisement free and financially secure for all of us, you get the drift. Just use your imagination and just develop a great joy and passion for helping others. You must COMMIT to mastering the magical Love Tree Game. Remember that what you give in your life is your Love Legacy for when you finally leave Spaceship Earth. Remember – BALANCE – BALANCE – BALANCE!

YOUR FIFTH WEALTH – CAREER: Work on your hobby, get a part time job, embrace our powerful DSP and Math Millionaire Kool Tools and develop your priceless discipline habits by making sure that you excel with your studies at school and after school. Learn to kiss the frog’s smelly butt each day and love to do the important things that others don’t like doing, it is your secret key to gain the super powers of a successful person ... of doing what has to be done for you to achieve your glorious dream life. Master the most precious art of investing or banking your precious HIGH VALUE activities into your HIGH VALUE Bank Account each day without fail. Arm yourself with the Math Super Learning Kool Tool to easily UNLOCK your magical limitless mind so that you can learn super fast and solve constraints and problems super fast.. Then look around your home and community and develop your critical awareness and powers of quickly identifying valuable constraints and problems, and solve them and eliminate them forever. And do the math and math will tell you if the problems or constraints are worth your valuable time, effort and investment to solve them. The math numbers never lie. Sell your solutions to the world to fund your dream life. Remember – BALANCE – BALANCE – BALANCE!


Again, if you have not secured your copy of this empowering math program to gain the math edge, it is costing you a great deal in lost benefits, so do yourself the greatest favor possible and click the link below and secure your very own valuable copy today, and remember that you have everything to gain and best of all you have a full 60 days to take your time and give it a good test drive. It is the greatest math investment that you will ever make, and it is only a few pennies when you compare it to other math programs that cost many thousands of dollars. So click the link below and order your copy now  - DO IT NOW -


AN AMAZING BUNDLE DEAL FOR YOU - Again, it is so critical that you invest in this great math resource for yourself as soon as possible, because it will give you a great platform on which you can better master your math. To secure the most powerful benefits it is most critical that you invest in both books because they complement each other in a most powerful way. It is about being effective not efficient. So if you want to secure the most effective math path for yourself, you know what you must do and invest in this valuable math asset now - DO IT NOW -


Here is your cool MATH song of the week, hope you like it –

**FIRSTNAME**, do have a great week and keep working each day on becoming the most attractive Math Magnet that you can be.


You are the department of youth, and you got the power – Alice Cooper

May The WepiForce Be With YOU Always!

And The HelpMeWithMaths.Com Team





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