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How To Reduce Math Test Anxiety

NB This article is part of a series of articles we comissioned authors from around the world to write for us. Their brief was to scour the Internet and find interesting and stimulating math topics to write about. The articles do not necessarily represent our beliefs. They are included here to give you some creative food for thought, so that you can take them and work with your teachers to build  a better math platform and environment for you to better excel in ... Please just enjoy the articles and please don't read too much into them.

When I was kid I played fullback on the soccer team and I spent a lot of time staring at the numbers on the backs of player's jerseys. I would think to myself, "jersey 3 times jersey 12 is 36 divided by jersey 4 is 9 plus jersey 12 is 21 minus jersey 7 is 14." I enjoyed very much passing the time utilizing my basic math skills.

A little later, I remember very vividly as a child sitting down at the kitchen table with my mom to complete my math homework. As we came upon a particularly difficult problem for us, she said jokingly, "I'm so bad at math, it's probably genetic." And so a phobia was born and I struggled well into my college years with simply passing the math requirements for graduation.

What was probably a self-effacing joke from my well-meaning mother settled into my brain and brought on in my math classes a constant state of worry: Would I understand what the math teacher was asking? What exactly is a proof and how do I "prove" it?

Does it really matter if I can't make x+y=z? I would sit down to do story problems with my head in my hands and wonder how I could just get a passing grade. Once I bypassed basic addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, I just felt lost and bypassed by my peers.

I wish that had been around for my mom and I when I was struggling through my math studies, especially how to survive the dreaded math tests.

Math anxiety can begin as early as elementary school. Being called upon by the teacher to solve a math problem at the white board can be particularly daunting as one's math ability or perceived inability is easily on view for all to see. Getting the answer wrong or even scoring badly on tests can be a humiliating experience.

There are several types of math anxiety, but there are a couple that stand out among the rest: Math test anxiety involves frightened anticipation of the actual exam and the outcome of said exam, plus the dreaded red ink from the teacher upon completion.

Then there is numerical anxiety which involves day to day math functions, such as counting out the correct amount of change, figuring out a tip, or worrying about studying your math in a successful way.

There are many ways to ease math test anxiety and foremost among them is preparation.

That's where comes in. Through their simple, affirmative and creative methods, one can overcome math test anxiety through the learning of efficacious methods to empower us to learn math confidently.

Every aspect of our lives has math: Baking a cake? Math. Leaving a tip? Math. Planning your budget? Math. Telling time on a clock? Math. The list goes on and on. If we could go about learning math in an informative, fun way, we could open our lives to amazing jobs, balance between creative and analytical mind, and best yet, no anxiety on test day.


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