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As you unlock the emancipating secrets of this magical MATH Program you'll learn:

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Button1  How to divide 2, 3 or 4 digit numbers with super fast and enjoy the fun of doing divisions!

Button1  How to harness the alternative ways to multiply by working with bases 10, 100 and 1000.

Button1  How to eliminate the complex mess of multiplication and work with numbers near bases 50, 150 200...etc

Button1  The simple shortcuts to multiplying a number by 11 and 12 in seconds!

Button1  How to do division by large numbers just like child's play

Button1  The simple flowchart showing the different
applications in a simple to understand program.

Button1  The applications of the 16 main elements of this amazing powerful math program.

Button1  And you will get so much more from this amazing MATH Program ...

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How To Find Your Sexy Math MOJO?

Our Mission

Our Mission with this online math resource is a very simple one, but it is a most important one ...

It is to make MATH FUN for kids and adults alike!

Yes, it is to help you to find and secure your most precious Math MOJO ...

And in the process help you to release your true potential so that you can live a more productive and a more effective life.

Because once we human beings fall in love with this most challenging but profoundly emancipating subject that is math, life and the universe take on a totally new more empowering and a more glorious and limitless meaning because we will suddenly begin to see the true magic that is life.

What is MoJo?

Many people think that MoJo refers to sex appeal or charm, but we genuinely feel that those less effective intepretations are not very appropriate when we refer to math.

We believe that MoJo really means our -

MOtivating JOy

Yes, MoJo means Motivating Joy or Joy Juice!

For example: He lost his motivating joy or juice so he doesn't enjoy life like he used to - or you could simply say: he lost his MoJo.

Let's Continue Your Emancipating MoJo Enhancing Journey To Master Math And Life ...

Now once we get the MATH magic, life will become more magical and limitless for each of us, and we will become passionate about everything in life.

We will stop listening to the bad news on the TV, the Internet and in the newspapers and media about how we should be wary of those we don't fully understand, and start to understand each other better so that we can look after and love each other better.

The media wants us to be scared of each other, and so do our politicians, otherwise they would have solved the global hatred and turmoil many decades ago.

They want us to erroneously believe that there's no money to be made in good news, peace and love ... but it is up to each of us to unite and work as one to prove them wrong by turning off the TV and radio, and refusing to buy the newspapers and just make time to know and care about each other.

Now wouldn't that be a wonderful world to live in.

Make sure that you check out my empowering Dooms Day Poem today -

 WepiGirl's Dooms Day Poem! 

Yes, math is empowering and emancipating if we wisely give ourselves a chance to know it intimately and discover its true powers to help us to build a better world for us all.

Yes, math magically gives us that very special MOJO - Motivating Joy and Juice to live life to the absolute MAX!

Math Empowers People And Nations ...

How totally cool is that!

The Team




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