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As you unlock the emancipating secrets of this magical MATH Program you'll learn:

Button1  How the decoded ancient program's formulae are applicable to all variety of math applications.

Button1  The detailed step-by-step ways of the new concepts of this Math Program

Button1  The guided approach to learning mental math through an easy to follow, dummy proof diagrams and other tools.

Button1  How to multiply 2 or 3 digit numbers efficiently using the formulae from just one tool

Button1  How to use the powerful tips to quickly square and cube numbers just like magic

Button1  How to divide 2, 3 or 4 digit numbers with super fast and enjoy the fun of doing divisions!

Button1  How to harness the alternative ways to multiply by working with bases 10, 100 and 1000.

Button1  How to eliminate the complex mess of multiplication and work with numbers near bases 50, 150 200...etc

Button1  The simple shortcuts to multiplying a number by 11 and 12 in seconds!

Button1  How to do division by large numbers just like child's play

Button1  The simple flowchart showing the different
applications in a simple to understand program.

Button1  The applications of the 16 main elements of this amazing powerful math program.

Button1  And you will get so much more from this amazing MATH Program ...

Button1  YES, you know full well that the quality and success of your entire life depends on how well your math skills are -

So avoid wasting another precious second struggling with math ...

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Help Me With Math - DSP Tool

The Empowering Math Discipline Tool

The most powerful tool to help kids to more effectively master Math and Life ...

Okay all you concerned loving dedicated parents ...

If you want your kids to effortlessly and more effectively master math in the fastest possible way a most powerful position that will then magically allow them to harness math's emancipating and explosive powers to secure a long successful and rewarding life ...

Then you must arm your children today with my [WepiGirl's] most powerful MATH Discipline success technology.

My Wonderful DSP Kool Tool ...

Discipline - Simplicity - Positioning


We all know that before we can achieve something worthwhile we have to successfully position ourselves in the right place to succeed, whether it is catching a baseball, receiving a pass in soccer or any other code of football, learning to play a musical instrument, achieving our dream job or career, or succeeding in business.

Achieving success with math is no different.

We have to powerfully position ourselves to achieve our math success. But you don't have to be reminded of this most profound fact of life.

And the most effective way for us to powerfully position ourselves to succeed at math is through the magical powers of DISCIPLINE.

We need -

  • DISCIPLINE to get a good nights sleep. 
  • DISCIPLINE to eat breakfast before school. 
  • DISCIPLINE to never miss a math class. 
  • DISCIPLINE to get clarity in class by asking. 
  • DISCIPLINE to get home on time. 
  • DISCIPLINE to do our homework after school. 
  • DISCIPLINE to do our chores to help mom. 

You understand the tried and true math drill because successful math students have been harnessing the power of discipline to achieve their math and life successes.

And we all know that kids who do not develop the success habit of daily discipline do poorly at school, and then struggle for the rest of their lives in quiet desperation.

So if you want to give your kids the best success platform on which they can better identify and then claim a better life and future for themselves, than you must wisely find an effective way to give your kids the precious power of DISCIPLINE.

And my DSP success technology is the most effective way to empower your kids with DISCIPLINE.

You see, there are three [3] critical paths we can choose to take in life, and choosing the right path to master math is the critical key for success.

DSP is Path ONE

DCP is Path TWO


But which path is the best path for your kids to take today to virtually guarantee that they will quickly succeed at mastering math, and therefore are better positioned to succeed later in their chosen job, careers, profession or business?

Here are some powerful clues to help you to better decide which path is best for your kids' math and life journeys.

DSP as you know by now stands for Disciplined Simplicity Positions your kids for massive enduring success in math and later in life. Why? Because a disciplined simple system is more robust and is less prone to many setbacks and errors.

The magical KISS formula to Keep It Super Simple is your critical golden key to your kids' enduring success.

DCP stands for Disciplined Complexity Positions your kids for moderate success. They are more likely to only achieve moderate success because it isn't enough to just have discipline if the system you adopt is a complex one. With a complex system you are more likely to experience great setbacks and errors. The fastest path to a target is a straight line. So the rickety and uncertain path of DCP is fraught with great danger if you are foolish enough to choose it for your quest to master math and to master life.

UCP stands for Undisciplined Complexity Positions your kids for massive failure, misery and pain. If your kids are undisciplined, than their path to master math is going to be an impossible one filled with great and constant failure and a lot of pain and suffering. This path is more challenging and dangerous then the DCP path because you are missing the first critical element of discipline. Sure many people do succeed by foolishly taking this dangerous UCP path, but why risk everything when you don't have to.

Especially when discipline is simple and easy to achieve if you know how to achieve it today.

So if you wisely chose the path of DSP, then you are well on your way to super effectively achieve your math mastering success.

And your new found DSP success powers will better serve your kids for the rest of their lives.

There are many DSP paths to help your children to achieve their math and life's success, and it would be foolish and dangerous for us to give you a rigid path for you to take.

And where would all the fun, happiness and joy be for you and your kids if you don't develop your heart and problem solving muscles as you solve your own DSP problems each day. The last thing you and your kids need is someone to hold your hands and do all the thinking for you.

Yes, strong trees grow where strong winds blow.

Developing your very own DSP path is your critical character tempering journey which you and your kids must take alone. You have to wisely and boldly determine your own destinies.

Just like it would be dangerous for you to force your kids down a certain career that they would not want and enjoy.

You've got to wisely and boldly nurture and develop your heart and character muscles every day.

But don't despair because it is easy for you to embrace the DSP path ...

All you have to do is develop your awareness each day of identifying the simplest path and the simplest tools and solutions, and harness them and use them each day to lock in your DSP path to success.

Find simple tools to teach your kids all the critical math concepts, but do keep it fun for the kids, otherwise you will lose them.

You can harness the magical learning powers of video, DVD's, songs, pictures, objects like fruit and other props, board and computer games. flash cards and so on.

And daily homework plans have to be simple, fun and challenging. The kids afternoon should also include chores to help mom around the home. Hard work builds character and better people who better value and cherish what life gives them.

And they will soon work it out for themselves that smart hard work and DSP can give them all that they want in life.

 Brian Tracy On Discipline!

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How to Raise Happy, Healthy, Self-Confident Childr


The most powerful success weapon you have is PLEASURE. So make embracing math and DSP pleasurable and fun each day. And soon math and succeeding will become an integral path of your kids' math lives.

Yes, EXCELLENCE is a Habit!

So teach your precious kids that DSP and EXCELLENCE are the most pleasurable paths that will better position them for massive enduring success with their math, and with their lives.

Now boldly go forward and prosper in math and in life ...

May The WEPI-FORCE Be With You Always! 


So avoid wasting another precious second struggling with math, download your FREE copy of my empowering DSP tool and get your kids to print out copies and stick them on their bedroom walls to always remind them about the precious power, pleasure and super effective success path of their DSP ...

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