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As you unlock the emancipating secrets of this magical MATH Program you'll learn:

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Button1  How to divide 2, 3 or 4 digit numbers with super fast and enjoy the fun of doing divisions!

Button1  How to harness the alternative ways to multiply by working with bases 10, 100 and 1000.

Button1  How to eliminate the complex mess of multiplication and work with numbers near bases 50, 150 200...etc

Button1  The simple shortcuts to multiplying a number by 11 and 12 in seconds!

Button1  How to do division by large numbers just like child's play

Button1  The simple flowchart showing the different
applications in a simple to understand program.

Button1  The applications of the 16 main elements of this amazing powerful math program.

Button1  And you will get so much more from this amazing MATH Program ...

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The Empowering Math Wealth Tool

A most powerful tool to help kids to more effectively master Math and Life ...

Okay all you concerned loving dedicated parents ...

If you want your kids to effortlessly and more effectively master math in the fastest possible way, a most powerful position that will then magically allow them to harness math's emancipating and explosive powers to secure a long successful and rewarding life ...

Then you must arm your children today with my [WepiGirl's] most powerful MATH Wealth success technology.

My Empowering Math Wealth Kool Tool ...

If you foolishly choose not to embrace this most critical success technology today, you will be choosing to endure a miserable self-destructive life that can only end in misery and ineffectiveness for you and your children.


You will agree that the primary goal and mission in life of every single person on Planet Earth is to achieve wealth to enable each of us to live a more effective, a more rewarding, a more successful, a more enlightened, and a more joyous life.

Even Tenzin Gyatso, better known to most of us as the 14th Dalai Lama of Tibet, has these very same wealth goals for his life and for the world.

And we all know that BALANCE in life is the holy grail for each of us. It's just that very few of us know how to achieve this magical nirvana.

Hopefully this very simple and very powerful tool will help you to empower your kids with a wealthy balanced life.

Do this and you give your kids one of the most valuable gifts of all -

The power to choose a superior balanced wealthy life in the most effective way possible.


Here are the Five Wealths that you must teach your kids to focus on each day so that achieving a superior balanced life becomes a successful habit, the most precious platform on which to build a more glorious and limitless life.

The MATH Wealth Formula

Here is the special Five MATH Wealth formula -

1L x 5W = 1SBL

Yes, that stands for 1 Life multiplied by the 5 precious WEALTHS equals 1 Superior Balanced Life.

Here are the Five Precious Wealths -

Help Me With Math - Five Wealths-Tool-Pic01 

They are inspired by the Five Primordial Elements -

Fire - Earth - Metal - Water - Woods

FIRE - Is Good Health.

EARTH - Is Good Fun.

METAL - Is Good Love.

WATER - Is Good Giving.

WOOD - Is Good Career.

Through superior good health you are better able to have good fun and better love those in your life which allows you to have the courage to better give to your society and world while enjoying a long rewarding career.

Without good health it is impossible for you to achieve the other 4 wealths, do you agree?

So you do not need to be a rocket scientist to work out that with out the powerful success platform of good health, your kids are destined for a challenging miserable short life.

And good health is the best platform for your kids to better embrace math.

That means -

  • They must learn to love eating healthy meals, especially breakfast so that they can perform well at school. So daily visits to the local fat food hangout is not a successful habit to acquire. And ...
  • They need to learn to love having fun being active each day to stay healthy. And ...
  • They must learn to love others, especially those difficult to love people, because they are the character building gifts that life sends to us to make us better people.
  • They need to learn to love finding cool simple ways to give back to society, which empowers them to understand that money is not the primary goal in life ... it's giving. And ...
  • They need to learn to love helping around the home and doing part time jobs and contributing to the success of the family, teaching them how to be a team player. And ...
  • They need to learn to love excelling with their math and other valuable subjects.
  • All valuable disciplines that will allow them to enjoy a better life.

It is so critical that you teach your kids to embrace the Five MATH Wealths so that they do not foolishly choose a life that is unbalanced and dangerous.

Many people will say how can you focus on five wealths each day, when most of us struggle to focus on just one?

Well, that's the ULTIMATE challenge of life, isn't it!

Those how ask the right questions and find the right solutions to live a balanced life will enjoy the fruits of their success.

Those of us who foolishly don't make the daily effort to achieve our balance will pay the ultimate price in all areas of our lives.

How To Easily Focus On Your Five Precious
Wealths Each Day ...

Just invest a little in each of the Five Wealths each day until you secure the habit of living a balanced life.

It's not hard to enjoy a good breakfast, lunch and dinner and have fun being active each day, or doing something kind for someone or for the environment, and doing a small chore around the home and so on ... is it?

All it will take is a little discipline each day until enjoying a balanced effective life becomes second nature.

Our other choice is the dreaded Ahab Syndrome and a fatal end to our lives.


The Dreaded Ahab Syndrome

The Ahab Syndrome or better known as the Moby Dick Syndrome is the fatal disease of living a life with an unhealthy unbalanced obsession. And that includes MATH.

Just focusing on math alone is not a healthy way to live.

In Herman Melville's empowering book Moby Dick, Captain Ahab has this single minded obsession to hunt down and kill the great white whale named Moby Dick, which led to a fatal end for he and his crew, as the Moby destroys them all.

And this fatal scenario is embraced by most of us each day with horrible consequences with our health, freedom, relationships and finances.

Every child should invest a little time and watch Moby Dick to learn this critical life lesson of the dngers of living a life with a single obsession, even if it is mastering math.



China's Fatal Ahab Syndrome ...

Just look at China's single minded obsession with financial growth. Their environment is being destroyed with polluted rivers, lakes and atmosphere. Which you will agree is a heavy, heavy and unnecessary price that an inspirational nation is paying.

Don't Be Perfect Be Balanced

So you have a choice, powerful super effective kids, or unbalanced kids who are destined to live miserable lives.

Yes, EXCELLENCE is a Habit!

So teach your precious kids that DSP and EXCELLENCE are the most pleasurable paths that will better position them for massive enduring success with their math, and with their lives.

Don't try and be perfect at balancing your life, just start doing those special valuable little effortless things today, and over time the balance and power will come.

My Parallel Success Platform

I call my Five Wealths technology my PARALLEL Success Platform, because it is something that we must discipline ourselves each day in a parallel fashion, focusing on our Five critical Wealths each day.

And only when we achieve our balance can we truly regard ourselves as successful people. Because we would have secured the most powerful success platform on which we can live and enjoy a most glorious life.

Anything less is just fatal delusion that can only end badly for us ... do you agree?

Now boldly go forward and prosper in math and armed with a powerful limitless balanced life ...

May The WEPI-FORCE Be With You Always! 


So avoid wasting another precious second struggling with math and life, download your FREE copy of my empowering FiveWealths technology now, and get your kids to print copies, study it and live from this day forward ...

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